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Three Swimsuit Trends We Cannot Get Enough Of

Three Swimsuit Trends We Cannot Get Enough Of

  • Rachael Kaushagen

With summer finally here, it’s easy to feel the excitement in the air. Long days at the beach, lounging by the pool, and soaking in some Vitamin D, are all a reality once again! Now that you’ve got summer fever, it’s time to take a good look at your closet. Still planning to wear the same suit from years past? Think again!

 This summer, it’s time to amp up your swimwear game. There are so many great trends floating around, from sexy keyholes and fun floral patterns all the way to off the shoulder looks, this summer might be the most fun one yet! This season is all about good flirty fun and showing off what your momma gave you. Don’t worry though, if you want something a little more subdued, there are plenty of sporty and elegant trends too! Swimsuits are really what you make them and are a summer staple when it comes to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and see what these trends can do for you. Ahead, we’ll dive into some of our favorite swimsuit trends from this season that we cannot get enough of.  

1.    Off the Shoulder Fun


The off the shoulder silhouette is becoming a huge breakout in the fashion world lately, so it’s only natural that the elegant look made its way into swimwear. This trend is romantic and chic and we simply cannot get enough of it! Especially in this beautiful black and patterned look, it really does have all you want and more. It says you have it all together, but is still so fun. This look will have heads turning but in the best way possible. It’s perfect for a beach day with the family or relaxing with friends by the pool. Not to mention, it is one of the most flattering looks there is. Graceful shoulders, with just a bit of skin. The right amount of bold and delicate. This one piece will make you feel like the most confident girl out there. Now, this is a statement piece we can get used to.

2.    Floral High Neck

While showing off skin is a sure fire way to look sexy, covering up can be sexy too, particularly when it comes to more sporty looks. This trend is just the right amount of sporty and sexy and is the perfect addition to your swimsuit collection. Providing coverage and looking very athletic, high neck tops are completely cool without trying too hard. This chic look is simple, comfortable, and utterly fashionable. Adding one of our favorite trends of beautiful tropical patterns to tie it all together as a must have. Not to mention, this strappy back and tie features will have you feeling like you can take on anything. Perfect for a day of surfing or a boat day on the lake, this suit can really take you from A to Z.

3.    Sexy Keyhole

The smallest detail can really make the biggest difference and this is often the case when it comes to keyhole swimsuits. The silhouette that a keyhole suit possesses is dramatically elegant and bound to be a classic. This trend gives a sleek and refined appearance with just the right amount of flirtiness. Don’t believe us? The fashion world has been taking to this trend like a wildfire! While rocking this trend in a top or dress may be a bit daunting, the beach or the pool is a safe place to try out this new trend. The keyhole look gives that extra oomph to any outfit. No matter if you have a small or large bust, a keyhole can still look great, as long as it fits you right! This style lends itself well to halter tops but is just as beautiful with a strappy look. No matter which style you choose, this trend will have you killing the swimwear game. Particularly this black suit, which is one of our favorites, it's daring and stylish. The keyhole look is an unexpectedly brilliant trend to rock this swimsuit season.

4. Beach Dress (to tie it all together!)

No matter what swimsuit trends you choose to embrace this summer season, always bring a good cover-up, a pair of sunglasses and a fun beach bag when you are lounging in the sun. Style any of your favorite pieces with a killer cover-up and be ready to get lots of compliments and coverage! This season another one of our favorite trends is a chic crochet detail. It’s flattering and shows just the right amount of skin. It’ll have you feeling sexy and shows off your new fun swimsuit underneath! This beautiful and lightweight look will give you just the right amount of coverage on your way to your sunny destination. Not to mention, cover-ups are a perfect way to keep your look going from day to night. Throw on a denim jacket and you’re ready to head to dinner with your friends. This piece will become one of your favorite summer go to’s and will have you looking like a fashion queen.

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